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    3 Benefits of Green Cleaning in Your Home

    Dec 12, 2017

    ServiceMaster of Spartanburg

    green cleaning

    Cleaning your home can be quite a chore, even with the bevy of products available to help you keep your home spic and span clean. Unfortunately, many of these products bring chemicals, odors, and worse into your home, and they also are harmful to the planet!

    It’s no wonder that green cleaning options are growing in demand these days. They offer a safe and eco-friendly cleaning option that often exceeds the effects of traditional home cleaners. Here are just a few of the top reasons to consider green cleaning for your home.

    1. Reduce Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

    You’ve probably heard by now about the potential dangers of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). You may even know that they can be found in paint, solvents, fuels, glue, and other products.

    What you may not know is that they are also commonly found in cleaners, disinfectants, and aerosol sprays as well. Using green cleaners reduces your family’s exposure to these compounds and the harm they can do.

    2. Feel Better While Cleaning House

    Many people have severe reactions to traditional cleaning supplies, causing them to feel sick. Believe it or not, many of the ingredients found in ordinary cleaning supplies can trigger asthma attacks, headaches, upper respiratory infections, and more. Try switching to green cleaning supplies and see what a difference it makes for your health.

    3. Lower Your Carbon Footprint

    One big benefit on the minds of many people choosing greener cleaning practices is the reduction of their carbon footprint. We all want to feel like we’re doing our part to prolong the life of the planet and this is one small step everyone can take, not just in your personal cleaning projects but in the professional cleaning services you use as well.

    ServiceMaster of Spartanburg is committed to the cause of the planet and we offer a wide range of green cleaning products that have no harsh odors and do a thorough job of cleaning your home. Contact us today to discuss your green cleaning preferences and the services we have available.

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  • Excellent service from our technician Jeremy. He got pet stains out that I thought were permanent. Professional and courteous. I highly recommend this company.

    Gracie M.