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3 Ways to Restore Your Wood Floors to Like-New Condition  

Dec 29, 2016

hard wood floor

It’s not too difficult to make wood floors look new again. Whether you inherited an old Victorian farmhouse or your wooden floors have just been well-used, there are several different ways to make them show their natural glory and shine. It all depends on how much work you want to do, and how extensive the damage is.

  1. Clean, Wax and Buff: Sometimes your floors just need a good cleaning and another application of wax. This is often the case with newer wood floors.
  2. Add a New coat of Finish: Finish wears out after a while. Without finish to protect it, wood becomes porous again. It soaks in anything it receives from water to stains. Simply give the floor a good cleaning, and then apply a coat of finish. 
  3. Completely refinish: If you’re floors are very worn, have lots of scratches and are uneven in surface, refinishing is the way to go. This solution is definitely a lot more work and requires some heavy lifting. For this type of job, you should consider calling in a professional to make sure that the job is done correctly.

Wooden floors are very beautiful when well-maintained. For information about how you can clean, restore or repair your wooden floors, give the friendly experts at ServiceMaster of Spartanburg a call today!

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George M.