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4 Spooky Things That Could Be Hiding in Your Upholstery

Oct 31, 2017

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Do you ever think about what might be lurking in your home? Many people rationalize and think that if you can’t see it, it’s not there. Although your home is supposed to be your space of comfort, the unfortunate fact is that there are many things hiding in it. Unfortunately, your upholstered furniture is one of those areas these spooky things like to hide.

Before deciding on the best way to clean your furniture, let’s take a look at what actually lurks beneath your upholstery:

 Smelling VOCs


If you are not aware of what a VOC is, it is a Volatile Organic Compound. New furniture can have a VOC smell, which can cause short-term sickness. This is probably one of the reasons why new carpets make a person’s sinuses feel a little irritated. In this regard, more people look to buy carpets and upholstery that have no VOCs or have it in low concentration. Alternatively, you can have your upholstery cleaned by ServiceMaster of Spartanburg to help limit this issue as much as possible.



If you have a tendency of eating and drinking on your sofas, there’s bound to be some crumbs or spilled drinks lying around and seeping into your upholstery. When left over even a short period of time, these leftovers give rise to bacteria like salmonella. It is also important to mention that children and the elderly are highly prone to infections from this bacteria.

  Fungi and Molds


Leftover food, drink stains, mucus, and soil on your furniture may lead to fungi and mold. While these may not generally be dangerous to most people, those allergic to them may develop rashes and asthma. Therefore, professional upholstery cleaning can be very important for preserving your furniture and the health of your family.

  Dust Mites


These dust bunnies could contain toxic materials. Schedule a service with ServiceMaster of Spartanburg cleaning professionals to ensure a vacuum is used to get rid of as much dust from your upholstery as possible.

Furniture should be cleaned regularly to prevent yourself and your loved ones from getting sick. For more information on upholstery cleaning, contact ServiceMaster of Spartanburg today!

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