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Five Benefits of Wood Floor Cleaning 

Jul 11, 2017

wood floor cleaning

Naturally, maintaining your hardwood floors is something you will inevitably have to do. To some, cleaning and polishing wooden floors may seem like a hassle, or even a waste of time. However, regular wood floor cleaning can help keep your floors looking beautiful longer. Here are a few benefits to having your wood floors cleaned, buffed, and polished regularly:

#1: Keeps floors healthy and beautiful longer

The first benefit of wood floor cleaning is that it can greatly extend the overall life expectancy of your floors and also reduces the need for more expensive maintenance or repairs later on. Wood tends to dry out and become brittle over time. Regular cleaning and polishing helps to reduce the signs of wearing and age and make hardwood floors look shiny and beautiful.

#2: Save money on repairs

The second benefit of wood floor cleaning is that, even though it’s an investment, it’s much cheaper than repairing or replacing. Having your wood floor cleaned regularly is a necessary expense. Putting it off and allowing dust, dirt, and grime to accumulate will mean spending more money on repairs and replacement in the future.

#3: Wellness and comfort

The third benefit is simply the overall look and feel of having clean floors. Hardwood floors that are dirty and scratched are uncomfortable to walk and play on, and are more likely to have a buildup of dirt, dust, and bacteria that could potentially make you or your loved ones sick. Having your hardwood floors cleaned regularly means that your home will look and feel more comfortable.

At ServiceMaster of Spartanburg, we have a specially formulated technique that will reduce signs of wear and keep your floors looking clean and shiny longer. How long has it been since you had your hardwood floors cleaned? The hardwood cleaning experts at ServiceMaster of Spartanburg can help you ensure that your wood floor is cleaned to perfection and stays beautiful for years to come. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!


They do a great job. They have cleaned my carpets many times and I would recommend them highly for any cleaning needs. They do a great job in water and fire damages restoration also....

George M.