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Five Ways to Prepare Your Property for Winter Weather

Dec 26, 2017

prepare for winter weather

The falling leaves and cooler weather should remind you that the time to prepare your home and your property for winter is here. Although Spartanburg doesn’t experience significant dips in temperatures or heavy snows on a regular basis, upstate South Carolina homeowners should still prepare their homes for the shift to winter weather.

Prepare Outside Pipes for Possible Freezing Temps:

Though they are rare, temperatures do sometimes plunge below freezing during winter nights. Therefore, before winter arrives, you need to drain water from your garden hoses and outdoor faucets to prepare them for winter. Store your garden hose until next summer and put a cover on your outside faucets to protect them from freezing.

Protect Inside Pipes That are Vulnerable to Freezing:

Tape up any problem pipes you might have indoors as well. These are pipes that tend to freeze during winter, either in your home or in any outdoor buildings that have running water. The problems that come as a result of broken pipes can be significant. Thankfully, there are ways the damage can be fixed, but, as always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Have Your Heating Systems Inspected:

Before you use your heat for the first time each year, it’s a good idea to have it and the ducts inspected and cleaned by a professional. If you have a fireplace, it’s also vitally important for you to have your chimney inspected before the first use.

Replace Filters:

Fall is a great time to replace the filters on your furnace or your HVAC unit. This will ensure your heating system is operating properly before you need to use it.

Inspect and Seal Leaks:

Drafts can cause your home to feel uncomfortably cool during the winter, not to mention the fact that it makes your home less energy efficient. To remedy this, inspect around all the doors and windows, including your basement and any other spaces on your property. If you discover worn weather stripping, replace it with new, and caulk to fill any gaps you find.

These five tips will increase the chances of your home and property weathering this upcoming winter without incident. However, if you do find yourself facing a cleanup situation due to a natural disaster or otherwise, contact the experts at ServiceMaster of Spartanburg.

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