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Is Cleaning Up After a Disaster a DIY Project?

May 30, 2017

disaster diy project

No one is ever truly prepared to deal with a disaster. Even a minor fire or flood can cause turmoil. Regardless of the severity of the disaster, watching your home or business be affected by damages from a fire or flood can be both physically and emotionally traumatizing. But what do you do when the flames have been put out or the water has stopped rising? Should you take care of the cleanup yourself?

The short answer is simply no. Taking care of the cleanup and restoration in the aftermath of a disaster is definitely not a “Do it yourself” kind of job. Smoke, ash, and water can cause irreparable damage, sometimes within just a few short hours. That’s why it’s always best to contact a professional cleanup and restoration company immediately after the disaster. The first 24 hours directly following a disaster are critical, and you should reach out to professionals as soon as possible. Here are a few reasons why you should act quickly to get a professional team of cleanup and restoration experts on board.

Danger to You and Your Family

The bacteria and contaminants that are left behind after a disaster can be detrimental to you and your loved ones. In the case of flooding, standing water can easily become black water in a matter of just a few short hours. Black water can be filled with microbes, bacteria, and even sewage that can be dangerous, and sometimes even life-threatening. In the case of fire, smoke and ash left behind can obviously be hazardous, but fire can also leave the structural integrity of the property damaged and unsafe. Make sure that you and your family stay clear of the site and do not go back inside under any circumstances unless cleared to do so by professionals.

Ash and Smoke

As previously stated, ash and smoke can cause potential health risks, especially in children, the elderly, and pets. But did you know they can also lead to corrosion, discoloring and “etching” within hours, or sometimes even minutes? The experts at ServiceMaster of Spartanburg can respond to a disaster in time to prevent irreparable damage. Equipped with knowledge, experience, and proper cleaning supplies, the team at ServiceMaster can help regardless of the severity and extent of the damage.

Bacteria and Mold

After a flood or in the aftermath of putting out a fire, mold, mildew and bacteria can potentially invade your carpets, drapes, furniture, and even clothing in a matter of just a few short hours. Water extraction should begin immediately to help avoid the damage and the health risks associated with mold and mildew.

The experts at ServiceMaster of Greenville and Spartanburg not only help clean up and restore your home in the aftermath of a disaster, but can also help you get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. If you’ve recently experienced a disaster in your home, contact us today!

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