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Three Tips for Protecting Your Home from Damage During Winter Weather  

Jan 16, 2018

prepare for winter weather

The cool South Carolina winter is upon us and, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get your home prepared for potential winter weather.

How to Protect Your Home from Damage This Winter

1. Make sure that your attic is well ventilated. When your attic is well-ventilated, that area is close to the same temperature as the outdoors. While that may not sound desirable, it really is, as it prevents ice dams that can damage your roof and roof drainage system.

2. Insulate your pipes.Pipes that freeze and then burst account for a lot of the damage caused by winter weather. Avoid this by protecting your pipes with insulating sleeves. These are affordable and easy to install. For those especially cold nights, it’s also a good idea to leave the cabinets that contain your pipes open so they are exposed to more heat.

3. Consider investing in a generator. When your power goes out, as it does frequently in our area during the winter storm season, you lose heat. Even if you have a natural gas or propane furnace, you need the electric blower for the heating system to circulate the hot air. Protect your home and your family by investing in either a built-in, automatic generator that kicks in immediately when the power fails or a more affordable, portable generator.

To learn more about protecting your home from winter storm damage or getting your Spartanburg area home back to normal after severe water damage, contact ServiceMaster of Spartanburg today.

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