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Water Damage Restoration Spartanburg

Feb 23, 2022

ServiceMaster of Spartanburg and Greenville Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Spartanburg and Greenville, SC

Water damage is a common problem in homes. Sink overflows, leaks from pipes, a bathtub that is left unattended with the water running all are ways that water can damage your home. Many times, it happens on a second story and water goes through the floor, down walls, and damages the ceiling on the first floor. What do you do when that happens?

ServiceMaster of Spartanburg & Greenville is a full-service restoration and reconstruction company that has been a local service provider for more than two decades. Our trained and skilled teams of technicians can mitigate the loss, pack out items that can be cleaned and stored, and restore your home. We have the best trained teams and can help you when you need us.

When there is a water loss, fire damage, mold damage, or smoke & odor problems, call ServiceMaster of Spartanburg and Greenville. We are happy to help you.

They do a great job. They have cleaned my carpets many times and I would recommend them highly for any cleaning needs. They do a great job in water and fire damages restoration also....

George M.