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What Situations Require Trauma Clean Up?

Nov 23, 2016

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When you hear the word trauma, images of an accident scene or a hospital ward full of badly injured patients often come to mind. In the world of professional cleaning and restoration, trauma has a broader meaning. Trauma to a physical dwelling can be any number of unnatural occurrences, which require professional cleaning services in order to restore habitability to the dwelling. What situations require trauma cleanup services?

Biohazard Clean-Up

Biohazards are agents, particularly microorganisms that pose a risk to human health. Blood, bodily fluids, and human tissues can all carry blood borne pathogens that are a risk to human health. If your home or property is the scene of a violent crime, suicide, or accident, you will need the services of a professional cleaning team once the fire and police departments are done with their investigations.

Crime Scene

Sometimes when a home is the site of a crime scene, the police must use non-lethal force to subdue a suspect. Chemical residue from pepper sprays and tear gas pose a continued risk to inhabitants until the home’s surfaces, floors, rugs, and furniture are properly cleaned. Additionally, depending on the nature of the crime, blood and body tissues may be left behind as well as investigative agents such as fingerprint dust used by law enforcement. If the property was the site of a crime, such as the manufacturing of illegal drugs, specialized cleaning services are needed to ensure all traces of the illegal substances are removed.

Unattended Death

When a death happens, whether from suicide or from natural causes, the body begins to decay immediately. This process begins with an immediate release of fluids from the body that will seep into the surrounding surfaces such as mattresses, floors, and furniture. Should the body remain undiscovered for days or weeks, the natural process of decomposition will create an extremely unpleasant smell in the home. Professional cleaning services can restore the home to its proper state.

Accidents: Blood and Body Fluid

When you are the victim of an accident, the last thing on your mind is scene cleanup. We are able to completely clean any accident scene, including your vehicle’s interior, to remove any lingering traces of the traumatic event.

No matter the cause of the initial trauma to your home, rental property, or vehicle, our professionally trained cleanup personnel can remove every trace of the event from your property. Covered by most insurance companies, our services can allow you to quickly return to your home and ease your concerns about its safety. Contact us today for your trauma cleanup needs.

Excellent service from our technician Jeremy. He got pet stains out that I thought were permanent. Professional and courteous. I highly recommend this company....

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