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Why Green Cleaning is Better for Your Family  

Mar 16, 2018

green cleaning

While commonly used household cleansers may effectively remove bacteria from your home, they also can release toxic fumes into the air. The heavy fragrances in many of these cleaners aren’t healthy for you and your family to inhale either. However, you can still have a clean home without the use of harmful cleaning products. ServiceMaster of Spartanburg realizes the importance of keeping your family safe. Green cleaning is more than just a trend– it’s the safest and healthiest way to keep your home free from dirt and bacteria. Here are some proven benefits of professional green cleaning form the experts at ServiceMaster Spartanburg.

It Doesn’t Affect Your Health Negatively

Companies who use traditional products input an even higher concentration of dangerous chemicals into the air. Traditional cleaners can irritate your respiratory system when you inhale them and inhaling these products can lead to coughing or sneezing. It’s even possible inhaling toxic cleaners will cause headaches, nausea or skin rashes, not to mention, traditional cleaning products are sometimes considered neurotoxins, carcinogens or endocrine system disrupters. When using green cleaning methods, you get all the clean without the harmful effects.

They Eliminate Mold and Dust Safely

Even a slight amount of dust or mold has the potential to harm your family. Far too often, cleaning yourself doesn’t truly reach every crevice as effectively as professional cleaning does. With, green cleaning products, the experts at ServiceMaster leave the air cleaner, eliminating dust and mold safely.

They Positively Contribute to the Environment

Toxic chemicals from traditional cleaning supplies can enter into the air and have harmful effects on the environment. Additionally, certain cleaning agents consist of nonrenewable resources such as petroleum. When you opt for green cleaning, the products are safe on the environment and don’t utilize nonrenewable resources.

To find out more or to experience the power a thorough, professional green cleaning has on the cleanliness of your home, contact ServiceMaster of Spartanburg today.

Excellent service from our technician Jeremy. He got pet stains out that I thought were permanent. Professional and courteous. I highly recommend this company....

Gracie M.