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Commercial Reconstruction Services

Every day a business is closed is another day that revenue is being lost. When a fire, flood, or other physical incident has occurred on your premises, it’s important for you to get your building in safe operating shape as soon as possible, and this simply isn’t possible without the help of professionals. Professional building reconstruction services don’t just help with the cosmetic effects of an incident. Call us immediately and our team will help in preventing further damage to your commercial space.

The Potential Causes or Extent of Damage

We provide comprehensive building reconstruction services for any form of disaster or incident. Fire damage, water damage, mold remediation, disaster recovery; our specialists are able to be quickly deployed to help with any building issue. Damage isn’t always visible to the naked eye — and that’s why it’s necessary to contact us as soon as you can for a consultation. Issues such as fire damage and water damage can affect more of your commercial space than you realize, and may require immediate action to avoid further damage.

The Importance of Professional Assistance

Not only can our experienced professionals assess any potential structural damage within your property, but they can also make sure the damage isn’t getting any worse. For instance, if flooding or water damage has occurred, we act quickly to prevent mold and mildew. There can also be many lingering effects of damage that need to be addressed professionally to be resolved; as an example the smell of smoke within a property can be almost impossible to remove without using professional methods. Professional services will make sure that your building doesn’t just look like new, but is also safe for your employees and customers.

The Process of Cleanup, Reconstruction, and Renovation

  • Cleanup. Our process begins with a thorough analysis of the space and a cleanup of any loose objects, such as damaged equipment and furnishings. The cleanup process can be quite extensive, especially in the case of fire and flood. We can go through the items in your commercial space to determine what can be claimed and what cannot. In serious incidents and disasters, the commercial space may still be unsafe during this time — we will determine what needs to be done to preserve your building’s structure and begin repairs.
  • Reconstruction. Our leading restoration processes will begin by removing any damaged materials from your property, such as burned carpets or damaged drywall. We will then work on the structural integrity of the building, in order to protect the building from any further damage.
  • Renovation. Our team can provide renovation services following an incident that will get your building looking and feeling like new again. Fires and floods can leave many minor issues, like stained or cracked paint, that don’t present a structural problem but still need to be addressed.

Has your commercial property been damaged? Whether you’re experiencing fire damage or snow damage, our talented team of expert specialists can be on the way to give you a full consultation. Contact us today for more information about our commercial renovation, recovery, and reconstruction services in Greenville, Spartanburg, and the surrounding area.

Excellent service from our technician Jeremy. He got pet stains out that I thought were permanent. Professional and courteous. I highly recommend this company....

Gracie M.