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Water and Flood Damage

water damage restoration

Water damage may occur at any time, and it does not have to be a result of a natural disaster. A pipe may burst in your home or office, or excessive rainfall could be the cause of damage. In every instance, ServiceMaster of Greenville and Spartanburg is here to assist. One of the most important things about water damage is that it can cause extensive harm the longer it remains. Mold, mildew, and other organisms grow very quickly, so having a team extract the water as soon as possible is key.

The professionals at ServiceMaster of Greenville and Spartanburg are highly trained to not only alleviate the situation, but also monitor the process to ensure your furniture and spaces are left intact. The faster our team works, the sooner your spaces will be habitable again, at a reduction in costs. ServiceMaster of Greenville and Spartanburg provides professional water damage restoration services throughout Greenville, Spartanburg, and the surrounding areas.

What Occurs During the Process?

  • Potential Extent of Damage: Our teams come in and assess the extent of your damage. Your areas may be anywhere from slightly wet to waterlogged with water damage. The area may also have odors or has started growing mold. We make sure every precaution is taken to keep everyone safe, and provide a realistic picture of how long it will take to have everything restored.
  • Importance of Professional Assistance: Water damage is very serious. It is very important to have professional assistance when handling situations of this nature. Very often, the damage may be more extensive than what is on the surface, and having an expert give you the intricate details of what is required and what you need to do is crucial to getting your spaces back in their natural state.
  • Discussion of Processes: Our team members take this process very seriously. We discuss the process with our clients to help them understand what is going to take place, and what they need to do. This may mean you have to temporarily move out, or you need extensive cleaning that goes beyond the surface. We make sure to give you every scenario to help you make the right decision moving forward to keep you and your family safe.

Water damage is always an uncomfortable situation to go through, but ServiceMaster of Spartanburg and Greenville works to make the process as efficient as possible. For more information on how we can assist in helping you work through your water damage, contact a team member today!

Excellent service from our technician Jeremy. He got pet stains out that I thought were permanent. Professional and courteous. I highly recommend this company....

Gracie M.