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Upholstery Cleaning

cleaning upholstery

Your furniture is where you want to be comfortable, yet it probably sustains a lot of traffic. Many families even have children and pets that speed up the wear and tear on the furniture. When the couches, chair cushions, sectionals, recliners or mattresses in your home are looking, smelling or just feeling dirty, professional cleaners can come to the rescue. We can rid your upholstery of stains, dust mites, allergens and more with our professional extraction cleaning system.

Quick Drying and Deep Cleaning

Cleaning furniture can be a very hard job to do on your own. Our specialized systems and cleaners will get your furniture clean without leaving residue or moisture behind that might turn to mildew. We use a special low-moisture process that uses small amounts of hot water to flush contaminants from your furniture. Our tested and proven system gets deep down into the foam, fabric, and soft materials of your furniture to remove the particles trapped within. This sanitizes your furniture and reduces the allergens that your body may react to, such as tracked in grass, pollen, animal dandruff, and dust.

Getting Used Furniture

Not only are our services great for cleaning your regular furniture, but we also have many clients that feel so much better when they know a used piece of furniture can be thoroughly cleaned before it becomes a staple item in their own home. Used furniture may have all kinds of dirt and particles from a previous home, and getting a deep, sanitizing clean helps you get a fresh start without buying a brand new piece. This can be very important when you need to get old pet or smoke smells out of upholstery.

Cleaning Car Upholstery

We offer special leather cleaners that can help care for the material and ensure it is properly cleaned. We also have conditioners and protectors that help maintain a leather material for car interiors or furniture. Our deep cleaning water process can be used for fabric car interiors that need a deep cleaning to get stains or dirt out of the seats.

Deep Cleaning Mattresses

One of the dirtiest furniture pieces in your home might be your bed. Dust mites, dust and other particles build up in the mattress over the years and there is no real way for a homeowner to wash them out. We can help you get a deep clean in your mattress to remove those nasty particles and help you get a better sleep each night.

  • Thousands, if not millions, of dust mites live in the average mattress and contribute to allergies, skin diseases and asthma
  • Viruses and bacteria can reside in a mattress for extended periods of time
  • Spores can grow in mattresses, causing disease and fungal infections
  • Dry skin flakes are shed by your body every day, much of it ending up in the mattress
  • Dust particles float in the air and build up in the mattress, including dirt from your body or salt residue from your sweat

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Excellent service from our technician Jeremy. He got pet stains out that I thought were permanent. Professional and courteous. I highly recommend this company....

Gracie M.