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Storm Damage

storm damage restoration team

Storms can cause a significant amount of damage to any home. Every year, thousands of homes are damaged by storms. The problem is, most storm damage sets a chain of events in motion that leads to significant loss for property owners. In virtually every situation, it is essential for property owners to reach out to professionals for storm, fire, and water damage service rather than trying to clean up on their own.

Potential Extent of Damage: Why It Can Be So Bad

After a storm comes through, take stock of your home. You’ll notice that rain can create water damage very quickly. A flood can saturate flooring, drywall, and most other surfaces. What’s more, if that water is not fully removed and the area completely dried, this can lead to significant mold and mildew risk.

Lightning from a storm can also lead to a disastrous outcome. It can cause a fire to occur in your home. That can lead to smoke damage, water damage from the rain, as well as damage from firefighters trying to put out the blaze. In short, when a storm occurs, even if it just leads to a tree branch damaging the roof enough to cause a leak, the extent of damage has the potential to reach very far into your wallet if you don’t take action right away to minimize the risks.

The Benefits of Professional Help

How can ServiceMaster of Greenville and Spartanburg help you? Our team will work with you to minimize the risk that you’ll have significant damage. This may include:

  • Preventing further damage by sealing off areas
  • Removing water
  • Removing damaged materials
  • Rebuilding as necessary
  • Air duct cleaning to remove mold and mildew spores
  • Prevention of mildew and mold
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Reducing the risks of losing your belongings
  • Specialty cleaning for damaged surfaces

Fire and water damage can be severe even in a minor incident. Our team can help you recover from it, save you time, and save you money.

How the Process Works

Every situation is unique and we assess each situation in order to create a custom plan for you. Our goal is to remove all items impacted by the water or fire damage, handle any odors present, and assess items that didn’t burn, but could be damaged from firefighting efforts. We remove all items possible from the home for proper drying and cleaning. This includes deodorizing them.

What’s more, we handle the small things often forgotten in the process such as the documents in your file cabinets, your clothing, dishes, and your jewelry. We can help you to restore or remove electronics and other items damaged from your home. All fire and water damage is unique. Wherever there is damage or the potential for mold or mildew later, our team will treat the affected area. That always includes removing the damaged items and saving them when possible, cleaning surfaces properly, and fully drying and deodorizing.

By taking this extensive of a step, we can help protect your home and restore your confidence in just how healthy your space is. Contact ServiceMaster of Greenville and Spartanburg today or as soon as you need our help.

They do a great job. They have cleaned my carpets many times and I would recommend them highly for any cleaning needs. They do a great job in water and fire damages restoration also....

George M.