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Trauma Clean Up

ServiceMaster of Greenville and Spartanburg provides extensive support to property owners and homeowners facing the need for a cleanup after a traumatic event that leaves behind biohazard materials. Whether an accident occurred leaving behind blood or you’ve discovered a meth lab on the property, our team can provide comprehensive, full cleanup service. Our professionals respond immediately and with specialized training, all necessary protective equipment, and experience handling dangerous crime, trauma, and drug scenes.

Our goal is to restore the integrity and cleanliness of the structure. If you are a landlord, new homeowner, or anyone else needing to clean up after a traumatic event or meth lab, call ServiceMaster of Greenville and Spartanburg today.

How Extensive And Hard Can The Process Really Be?

Many homeowners are faced with a startling revelation after a crime or other trauma occurs in their home. Landlords may be surprised to find a meth lab after a tenant moves out. The damage can be extensive. Our ServiceMaster technicians will follow all OSHA and EPA protocols to ensure a thorough cleanup that transforms the current conditions into a safe, clean home or business.

A growing problem in many local homes is the existence of meth labs, which can pollute not only the carpeting, but into the HVAC systems and walls. ServiceMaster of Greenville and Spartanburg will always treat your property professionally and provide you with quality service designed to be as effective and thorough as is possible.

Why You Need a Professional to Clean Up Your Home

Having ServiceMaster professionals out to your home is perhaps the very best step you can take. Our team will always ensure:

  • Your home is safe for you to live in.
  • You don’t have to deal with the aftermath and clean up yourself.
  • Your home is cleaned and properly protected from all types of risks associated with the event.
  • Your business is safe to open and run again.
  • Any risk of blood borne pathogens or harmful chemicals is not present.

In short, we ensure your home or business is as close to the condition it was in before the event took place.

Our Comprehensive Trauma Cleanup Service Restores Your Home

Our team provides comprehensive cleanup services. We’ll come to your home and provide you with a thorough inspection to determine what type of cleaning services you need. This may include:

  • Removing any crime scene evidence such as fingerprint powder and evidence-gathering chemicals
  • Blood, bodily fluids, or tissue
  • Cleanup from residue from fire extinguishers
  • Tear gas and pepper spray removal
  • Meth lab cleanup and restoration

To do this, we’ll work with you to determine what needs cleaned up and where. Our team will take care of removing any item that is damaged beyond the ability to clean it. Then, we’ll properly clean and sanitize all surfaces as necessary. We ensure that any damage that needs repair is capable of being repaired as soon as possible.

ServiceMaster of Greenville and Spartanburg follows all federal and state guidelines required for the proper and safe cleanup of clean crime and trauma scene. There’s simply no reason for you to try to do this on your own when our team can give you the peace of mind you need. Contact ServiceMaster today to learn more about how we can help restore your property.

They do a great job. They have cleaned my carpets many times and I would recommend them highly for any cleaning needs. They do a great job in water and fire damages restoration also....

George M.