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Biggest Reasons for Fall Air Duct Cleaning  

Oct 17, 2017

air duct cleaning

Removing contaminants from your air duct system is something that we recommend adding to your fall cleaning to-do list. Your air ducts can carry mold and dust that can potentially cause great hazard to your health. With fall allergens in the air, there’s no better time to have your air ducts cleaned to help improve your indoor air quality.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons for fall air duct cleaning:

To help eliminate mold

It’s no secret that mold can enter a room through air ducts and can ultimately be a serious health hazard. Runny noses, irritated skin, scratchy throats, sinus problems and red eyes are just a few of the symptoms among the many effects of mold.

People who are prone to asthma attacks or migraines may have a weakened immune system, especially if they live in a house that is affected by mold.

To help prevent damage to the HVAC system

Pile up of dust in your air ducts may affect the HVAC system airflow. A proper cleaning will eliminate the pile up of dust, pests, and hair to improve the airflow. Debris and dust removed from the air ducts will help the motors and fans to run more efficiently and effectively, meaning they won’t have to work as hard to distribute clean air.

To eliminate dust pile Up

Homeowners may continually clean up their homes and yet find a pile of dust on surfaces the following day. Dust moves through air ducts and settles in various parts of the house, meaning more cleaning and dusting in the long run.

To help get rid of pests

Almost every home has pests in their air ducts. Those small roaches, ants, and vermin, among other things, can find a home inside your air ducts. Especially during the fall, with winter on its way, pests will come into your air ducts to try and find warmth, food and shelter. Cleaning your air ducts regularly will help get rid of any pests that may have found their way in.

To help ease fall allergies

Many people suffer from allergies during the fall, and dusty air ducts can exacerbate the issue. The cool, dry air of autumn gives way to nose irritations, red eyes, and sinus inflammations. Having your air ducts cleaned early in the season can help keep you healthier during the fall and winter months.

At ServiceMaster of Spartanburg, we’re here to help keep you air ducts clean and your indoor air quality at its highest. Contact the experts at Service Master of Spartanburg to clean your air ducts this fall!

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