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X Ways to Prepare Your Family for a Fire

Jun 9, 2018

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Although you never want to think of a tragic event like a fire happening to your family, it’s a possibility you must consider and be prepared for. Preparing for a fire helps protect your family as well as your home and possessions. With these few helpful hints, you can prepare for a fire and feel peace of mind knowing that your family is just a little safer.

Have an Evacuation Plan

It doesn’t matter about your possession as much as it does your family. You need more than one way to get out of your home in the event of a fire. Your family should have a meeting spot to go and you want it far enough away from your home that everyone stays safe.

Have Fire Extinguishers and Baking Soda

Always have a fire extinguisher easily accessible from every area of your home and make sure to educate everyone in your household on how to use it. You also want to have baking soda in your cupboard at all times because if you have a small grease fire, it’s possible to put it out before it gets unmanageable or there’s too much damage.

Store Important Documents Appropriately

Store all your important personal information and asset documentation in a fireproof lockbox, so you have it when you need it and it lasts through a fire.

Know Who to Call

In the event of a fire, most people know to call 911 as quickly as possible to put the fire out. But you also will need to make phone calls to your insurance company and to the restorations at ServiceMaster of Spartanburg to start the process of restoring your home and possessions as quickly as possible. The experts at ServiceMaster of Spartanburg can professionally restore your home from not only fire and smoke damage, but also the water caused by putting out the fire. Save ServiceMaster of Spartanburg and your insurance company’s info in your phone, so that you can reach out as quickly as possible from wherever you are. To learn more about preparing for a fire, contact ServiceMaster of Spartanburg, serving upstate South Carolina, by calling 864-574-3133.

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